Acacia Seyal Characterization and fractionation

Omer B Ibrahim, Mohamed E. Osman, Elfatih A. Hassan


Ten Acacia seyal var. seyal samples, of Sudan origin, were  characterized by a number of physicochemical methods and fractionated . Physical and chemical properties such as moisture percent, ash percent, intrinsic viscosity, specific rotation, nitrogen and protein percent, acid equivalent weight, total glucuronic acid, and total cationic composition were determined. The average values of moisture and ash percent of  the samples were found to be 9.30% and 2.61% respectively, while the average specific rotation value of the samples was found to be(+49.40)o .The determined intrinsic viscosity average value was found to be 11.40ml/g, while Kjeldahl determination of nitrogen content revealed an average of 0.14%. The calculated average protein values using a conversion factor 6.6 was 0.93%.The average values of acid equivalent weight and percentage of glucuronic acid were found to be 1107.9 and 15.9% respectively. It was found that Ca, Fe, K, Mg, Na and Cu were the major elements present in all samples. Three fractions of gum samples were obtained by solvent fractionation using absolute ethanol. The fractions were found to have varying amounts of protein and different values of intrinsic viscosity suggesting some variation in the molecular structure after fractionation.


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