Corrosion behavior of concrete with partial replacement of cement with Rice Husk Ash

P. M. Shanmugavadivua, Suganya Suganya, Sarathivelan Sarathivelan, Karthikeyan Karthikeyan


Globally concrete is the backbone for the development as infrastructure Viz., buildings, industrial structures, bridges and highways etc. leading to utilization of large quantities of concrete. Sustainable development of the cement and concrete industry requires the utilization of industrial and agricultural waste components. At present, for a variety of reasons, the concrete construction industry is not sustainable. Firstly, it consumes huge quantities of virgin materials which can remain for next generations. Secondly, the principal binder in concrete is Portland cement, the production of which is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions that are implicated in global warming and climate change. Thirdly, many concrete structures suffer from lack of durability which may waste the natural resources. So, finding a solution to substitute a practical recycled product for part of the cement seems to be desirable for sustainable development. Recycling of waste components contribute to energy savings in cement production, conservation of natural resources, and protection of the environment. This paper deals with the optimization of replacement of cement with the rice husk ash and the corrosion effect is determined by using accelerated electrolytic corrosion test.


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